Thursday, October 9, 2008

Musical Musings on the Presidential Debate

For those that know me well, know I love quoting songs. Ronnie and I can have whole conversations using only lines in songs.

A lot of times when people talk I hear song lines in my head. Here are a few songs that came to mind as I watched the presidential debate. They are by a band called UNCLE TUPELO that I really DIG, but sadly the band split many years ago and then went on to form two different bands, WILCO and SON VOLT, that are really good, but not as great.

Debate Topic: Economy

Debate Topic: Energy

Debate Topic: Environment


RMason said...

Very clever! And i think Lutopia is one of the best named blogs! I love it. I think of Ronnie in kaleidoscope glasses with 60's music playing in the background...

Smart Helm said...

Wow.. that's interesting music... I'm glad u like it!

Its funny how much we as a people get crazed about happenings in the world... its like people have lost the whole point of us being here. Basically, we need to teach everyone the gospel and then live it!

Um... *stepping off high horse*... excuse me!