Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guilty as Charged

OK OK so I guess I’m feeling a little guilty about telling the world about how Ronnie is getting older. So I’ll make it even.

What do I do when no one is looking….totally break it down, and trust me I cannot dance. Ask Lana if you don’t believe me, she learned her moves from me unfortunately. Now that we have wood laminate flooring I have incorporated the sock slide as well. I seem to be running low on socks; they keep getting holes in them.

What do I eat when no one is looking….Lays sea salted potato chips…yeah I know it’s not that bad…well I guess it is when you eat HALF the bag.

What do I watch when no one is looking….Gene Simmoms Family Jewels….We don’t have cable, I have to download it on the computer and watch it, I’m not even a fan of Kiss, and I can’t even stand Gene and yet I watch his show…illegally, but I still watch it.

What do I buy when no one is looking….Home organizational books, magazines, gadgets, you name it I’ve at least heard of it and yet my home is NOT organized.

I don't think any of that is as bad as the hair thing...but I put it out there.

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