Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Onset of Old Age

I tease Ronnie all the time about him being old. I love it because it’s something he can never tease me about because no matter how old I am he’s still older. Well today we were just sitting around talking and I noticed this eyebrow hair that was just taunting me. It was waving around like an old age flag every time he talked. Finally I had to pull on it to make sure it was attached and oh boy was it. This thing was like an inch long and that’s long for an eyebrow hair! Like 4 times longer than it should be. When I pointed it out he wanted me to pull it out, YUCK! I had retired from the pulling of long hairs growing in odd places. First it was the ear hair, grody but I can handle pulling it so I wasn’t walking around with a grody looking husband. Then it was the nose hair that hung out so far it could have tickled his upper lip, and no there was no way I was pulling that bad boy out, he had to handle that one on his own. Now it’s the eyebrow, jeez louise I’m glad I’m not a old man it’s just too much maintenance. Actually it all started with the gray hair in his goatee. And for those facial hair enthusiasts out there yes what Ronnie has on his face is a goatee. Those guys that have the chin hair and the mustache part, like the whole circle of hair, that’s called a Van Dyke. And yes we actually wasted our precious time looking it up. Anyway, when he started noticing gray hair in his goatee he would sit out in his truck and pull them out before he would come in the house from work. For about a week I could hear him pull up in the drive then just sit in his car, I thought he was listening to the radio. Then about 5 minutes later he would come in the house. I finally asked him what was always on the radio at that time that would make him stay in his truck and he said he was pulling gray hairs out. I think my teasing might be driving my husband to the brink of insanity, but at least we are having fun growing old together.

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