Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

If you are wondering how to show the earth some love today let me help you. First go to GreenDimes then click on CHOOSE A SERVICE then you are on your way to being green. I have heard about this website months ago but I was waiting for earth day to see if they had any special deals. I can’t wait to open my mailbox and find absolutely nothing on the few days we do not get bills. Today they have a free do it yourself option that is something new from the other times I check the site. I know myself all too well and know if I have to send out letters and so forth nothing will get done. I opted for the premium bundle where they do the work for you.

Off the topic:

I have been wanting to post some of the things Lana says that just crack me up but I was trying to save up enough for a whole post. Well in doing so I have forgotten a lot of them. So randomly I'll post her funny quotes at the bottom of whatever post I'm working on at the time.

Lana speaks and I listen…

LANA: Mom I found two rolly pollys

ME: That’s nice

LANA: there’s a Daddy one and a baby one

ME: (wondering why there wasn’t a mommy one) oh Ok

LANA: The little one wants to do art with me, but he forgot he doesn’t have hands.

ME: (Busting out in laughter)

Last night Ronnie was reading Lana a Clifford book before bedtime. The book was about Clifford and some whales. All of a sudden Ronnie hears Lana speaking in long drawn out vowel sounds. Then Lana says “I can speak Humpback”.

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