Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a Night

What an exciting night I had last night. I went to bed and thought my job of mothering was done for the day. Before I went to sleep I was running through things I needed to talk about at an upcoming camp meeting the next morning. Then I finally drifted off to sleep sometime before midnight. Then I was jolted awake by the ever so lovely sound of Lana throwing up. She is not to the age yet where she can make it to the bathroom. I whisked her to the bathroom and then started striping down her bed. Oh how I love the age where they can throw up without an audience. I get Lana all cleaned up and her bed fixed and she hops right in to go back to sleep. I then had the task of cleaning the smelly bathroom. You know how they say when you lose one sense the others are heightened. Well I think this is the case even when you didn’t lose your eyesight, but they are just a little blurry from it being 2:00am. I could smell like no other, which was not helping me. Then something took my mind off the smell…a spider. As soon as I saw it I ran and hopped on my bed. Here I am, a grown woman standing on my bed all because of a spider no bigger than a dime.

Some of you might be thinking, you like insects what is the difference it’s just two more legs. I guess I have an illogical fear of spiders. I didn’t always have this fear. When I was about 3 or 4 I so proudly told my mother that I had a new pet, a hairy daddy- longlegs. My mother heard the daddy-longlegs spider part, but she said it took her a minute to figure out the hairy part. Tarantula! She said she ran outside to find me walking alongside a tarantula without a care in the world. Then there were the garden spiders that would make webs on the back porch. My mom would ask my brother and I to leave them alone because she thought they were pretty. I grew to like them also but for different reasons. I had quite the fro back then and June bugs were always flying into my hair and getting stuck. The garden spider’s web was strong enough to catch the June bugs so they were my friends.

Back to the matter at hand, me on the bed scared of a small spider. I reluctantly got off the bed and grabbed a shoe and headed back into the bathroom. The spider was still there and was not moving. I tried to squish it but it got away. Unfortunately, it ran into my room and into Ronnie’s closet. Where is Ronnie during all this mayhem you ask, he is out of town. Well I was tired and there is no light in the closet so I wasn’t going to look for it in there. So I went back to bed. Remember about Ronnie being out of town? Well I didn’t feel the need to shave my legs since he’s been gone so every time I moved trying to get comfortable I felt creepy crawlies on my legs that I just knew were spiders coming to get me. Needless to say it took me forever to get back to sleep.

Now I find out Ronnie’s flight home for tomorrow was canceled. It appears that American Airlines cannot fly any of their MD80 aircraft since they haven’t been inspected. Well I guess I’m glad that he’s not flying on a deathtrap, but I could really use him at home as soon as possible.


Pat said...

I hope he manages to get home soon. That is such a bummer having sick kids. Thaks for a good meeting yesterday. I am getting excited for camp.

Anonymous said...

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